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June 8th, 2006 at 09:16 pm

Okay. In an attempt to help get my networth out of the negative area, I'm selling a few things on ebay including The Motley Fool's Investment Guide which I started at just 99 cents.

Let's just hope everything sells. :/

a new goal

May 18th, 2006 at 04:21 pm

Make $100 profit on eBay.
To be put towards my debt. I want to kill 2 birds with one stone - clutter & debt. I'll include the 2 things I just sold in the total but not anything sold before that. Shipping cost and ebay & paypal fees won't count towards the goals so it has to be the profit made once those fees are taken out.

(It also all goes towards the $20 challenge. So, maybe it's 3 birds with one stone? Hmmm.)

another ebay item

May 17th, 2006 at 12:48 pm

The doll I listed at the same time as the bear has sold. Once I have the figures all done for both items I'll post them into the $20 challenge.
Since I've had these successes I think I'll go ahead and try to list some more stuff, probably this weekend.

money in, money out

May 14th, 2006 at 08:15 pm

I made $15.68 on the sale of the Marine bear. That's after Paypal's fees, after the tax deductible MissionFish Red Cross donation, and after all the Ebay fees I currently owe. So, $15.68 towards the $20 challenge. I'm still hoping the doll will sell. I have a watcher for it so my fingers are crossed.

I spent money I hadn't intended to today but I finally found matching saucers for my thrift shop dinner plates and they were on sale for 25% off. I love the pattern and they're very well made dishes. I looked for the matching bowls but they didn't have any.
There are technically more than I'll need but I paid less for 11 saucers than I would just for the shipping on a single bowl of the same kind from Ebay. I'm really happy to have found them as they seem to be difficult to replace. I'm thinking I'll try selling the extras.

I joined two new survey sites. Hopefully, I'll qualify for more surveys with them than I have been with others. For a while I was making decent money with surveys but it's been a long time.
I also went ahead and requested a check from Inbox Dollars. I decided the gold membership wasn't worth it.

Flash was kind enough to provide me with a link about coupon trains so I'm off to learn more about that.


May 13th, 2006 at 09:35 pm

Let's see. Today...

I answered more questions on Helium Knowledge including a few more financial questions. (See a list of my answers here.)

I did a few Inbox Dollars emails since I'm behind on those. I have more than enough to get another check since I got an offer credited a couple of nights ago, but I'm debating on whether or not to get the Gold Membership, too. (Has anyone done this? what's your experience with it?)

One of the items I listed on ebay a few nights ago has been sold. Part of the total will go towards the Red Cross through MissionFish but the rest, minus fees, will count towards my $20 challenge. I'll know exactly how much soon. I've had decent luck with ebay on the few items I've listed but I don't like how much time it consumes in order to start an auction. I may try selling stuff on Craigslist which will also count towards the challenge.

I also wrote a couple of tips for Club Mom which I've never done before. I should hopefully get 20 points for that. We'll see if it's worth the trouble.

As for the "No Grocery Shopping..." goal:
We discovered that what we thought was a full box of spaghetti was actually less than a third full. Not too much of a dent though, we still have plenty of other pasta. Yesterday, I made a run to the bread store and got a loaf of white bread and the last bag of sourdough rolls they had. A whole $1 spent on that, not bad at all. I'm thinking the milk may last quite a while, too. We may have to pick up some more wheat bread but that's only another 50 cents. I think we shouldn't have any problem making it a month. Hmm, we do need to eat the bananas before they go bad though.

$20 Challenge

May 12th, 2006 at 09:52 pm

I've decided to join in on the $20 challenge. My first unusual action is joining HeliumKnowledge. I haven't taken part in any of the sites that pay you for writing. This will be my first experience with it. I'm hoping to make at least a little bit extra income by using it, we'll see how it goes.

I will probably put most, if not all, of my $20 challenge deposits into paying off debt since it does me more good to get rid of it than to earn interest on savings.

edit: Oh, another thing I did today that will count towards the challenge - I invested money in stocks for the first time ever. (Scary and exciting!)

I had signed up with Sharebuilder in order to qualify for a good chunk of money from one of my "get paid to..." sites. I deposited $15 at the time and another $10 this week, originally planning to earn money through the money market fund. Today I decided to put that $25 into 2 stocks. (I couldn't decide between them.)
One of them is almost 2 shares, the other is probably about a third of a share. A total of $17 dollars. The last $8 went towards Sharebuilder fees. Here's the thing though - I used their "Plan" link to make these buys. By doing that it should qualify me for $25 they agreed to give me thanks to a promo code I had.

"To receive the ShareBuilder $25 Promotion, all you need to do is make sure you've set up your ShareBuilder Plan and have a transaction before 02/05/2008"

If it does, then that makes $17 dollars worth of stock plus whatever my returns are on those stocks basically free since I will get another $25 put into my money market fund. and I will have $17+ to put towards my challenge, the way I see it.