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May 13th, 2006 at 09:35 pm

Let's see. Today...

I answered more questions on Helium Knowledge including a few more financial questions. (See a list of my answers here.)

I did a few Inbox Dollars emails since I'm behind on those. I have more than enough to get another check since I got an offer credited a couple of nights ago, but I'm debating on whether or not to get the Gold Membership, too. (Has anyone done this? what's your experience with it?)

One of the items I listed on ebay a few nights ago has been sold. Part of the total will go towards the Red Cross through MissionFish but the rest, minus fees, will count towards my $20 challenge. I'll know exactly how much soon. I've had decent luck with ebay on the few items I've listed but I don't like how much time it consumes in order to start an auction. I may try selling stuff on Craigslist which will also count towards the challenge.

I also wrote a couple of tips for Club Mom which I've never done before. I should hopefully get 20 points for that. We'll see if it's worth the trouble.

As for the "No Grocery Shopping..." goal:
We discovered that what we thought was a full box of spaghetti was actually less than a third full. Not too much of a dent though, we still have plenty of other pasta. Yesterday, I made a run to the bread store and got a loaf of white bread and the last bag of sourdough rolls they had. A whole $1 spent on that, not bad at all. I'm thinking the milk may last quite a while, too. We may have to pick up some more wheat bread but that's only another 50 cents. I think we shouldn't have any problem making it a month. Hmm, we do need to eat the bananas before they go bad though.


May 11th, 2006 at 03:55 pm

Since today marks the beginning of my goal to not go grocery shopping for a month, I thought it was a good day to begin a blog here at savingsadvice.com

Our pantry is overstocked and the fridge is well past the point of being considered full. My boyfriend only takes home cooked dinners to work about twice a week. We're both trying to lose weight. There's no real reason why this can't last us.
I'm allowing for stuff like milk and bread, those will definitely need to be restocked at least once during the month, though the milk may last for most of it. It depends on how much cooking I do with it. The bread is ridiculously cheap though since we get it at the bakery thrift store.

Not buying groceries will mean a bit more money to put towards our debts and savings, and that is definitely what we need to focus on at the moment.

The challenge/goal ends June 11th.