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June 8th, 2006 at 09:16 pm

Okay. In an attempt to help get my networth out of the negative area, I'm selling a few things on ebay including The Motley Fool's Investment Guide which I started at just 99 cents.

Let's just hope everything sells. :/


June 8th, 2006 at 07:10 pm

My networth is currently -$9,392. That's not including any cash in the checking account since that's technically the boy's income nor is it including what I owe to my mom for back rent from when I was unemployed the last time. It is including debts that aren't technically mine but that are in my name such as where we had to fix boy's car (he's paying it back to my card plus some). It's also including the amount that my old cell company claims I owe them that I still say I don't.

Speaking of that, I got a notice from the collections place saying they would be taking $320 and some change from my account on the 16th. Like hell they will. I didn't authorize that amount nor for it to be taken out on that date and I've already filed a claim through my bank for the last amount they overcharged. Oh, and I STILL have received no written documentation from them aside from this notice.
Saturday morning I will be going to close my current bank account and open a new one.
I also called the cell company and finally got them to agree to take the debt back on and let me handle it through them. I made it clear, without actually saying as much, that if they forced me to go through this credit agency they would not be receiving a single cent.

As far as at least one of the credit agencies is concerned there's nothing remotely bad on my credit report. It just shows my credit cards and that they've all been paid on time and I haven't paid less than what's due. So that's good.

I'm still here

June 2nd, 2006 at 10:08 pm

I haven't abandoned this, I just have had a lot going on. I won't go into it but let's just say I haven't had the best of luck and I've been in a major state of anxiety this week. I am glad May is over because, looking back, the entire month was just one big thing after another.

In good news, my birth control pills have gone back down in price by about $8. So roughly $96 saved over a year. I'm hoping they'll stay at that price but you never know. I've yet to find them anywhere cheaper unfortunately.

A few more charges have had to be put on my credit card thanks to the car mishaps and such setting us back but thankfully they will all be paid back very quickly.

I cashed in my coin jar to give us a bit of extra money for things like the boy's dinners at work and such. I had $10 in change without even trying.

Either tomorrow or Monday, depending on when checks clear, I'll be closing my account and opening a new one to make certain the scammy debt collector can't take any more of my money. I'll probably open up a Keep The Change savings account through B of A so that I can have my change automatically put into the bank and also get extra earnings from them matching it for the first 3 months.

I'll probably be restarting my $20 challenge from scratch due to all the money going in and out lately and us spending more than saving.