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MyPoints and ClubMom

May 16th, 2006 at 03:03 pm

A lot of my pending points at MyPoints finally credited so I redeemed some for a $25 gift certificate from WebCertificates. I'll probably use it at Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping.

I joined the Insiders Club at MyPoints which was a hefty chunk of change but I think it will be worth it once my Access card arrives. I have two shipping rebates I need to send in. I ordered blinds from Blair.com (and got points) and should receive about $5 back for the shipping, and I took advantage of one of the book club offer for 1000 points and should receive about $15 or so dollars back for the shipping.

The 20 points for tips at ClubMom credited. I wish they had a grocery partner in my town, I'd take more advantage of my membership there. On Flash's advice I'm going to up my word count and submit a few of the higher point "know how" articles rather than the "tips" next time.

Since so many sites will pay or award for writing, I believe I'm going to start writing reviews and articles in my spare time and then afterwards choose which site to give the article to based on what they'll give me. It will improve my writing skills, give me something productive to do until I finally find a new job, and will hopefully make my typing speed even higher for that new job.