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May 13th, 2006 at 09:35 pm

Let's see. Today...

I answered more questions on Helium Knowledge including a few more financial questions. (See a list of my answers here.)

I did a few Inbox Dollars emails since I'm behind on those. I have more than enough to get another check since I got an offer credited a couple of nights ago, but I'm debating on whether or not to get the Gold Membership, too. (Has anyone done this? what's your experience with it?)

One of the items I listed on ebay a few nights ago has been sold. Part of the total will go towards the Red Cross through MissionFish but the rest, minus fees, will count towards my $20 challenge. I'll know exactly how much soon. I've had decent luck with ebay on the few items I've listed but I don't like how much time it consumes in order to start an auction. I may try selling stuff on Craigslist which will also count towards the challenge.

I also wrote a couple of tips for Club Mom which I've never done before. I should hopefully get 20 points for that. We'll see if it's worth the trouble.

As for the "No Grocery Shopping..." goal:
We discovered that what we thought was a full box of spaghetti was actually less than a third full. Not too much of a dent though, we still have plenty of other pasta. Yesterday, I made a run to the bread store and got a loaf of white bread and the last bag of sourdough rolls they had. A whole $1 spent on that, not bad at all. I'm thinking the milk may last quite a while, too. We may have to pick up some more wheat bread but that's only another 50 cents. I think we shouldn't have any problem making it a month. Hmm, we do need to eat the bananas before they go bad though.

2 Responses to “today”

  1. flash Says:

    First, congratulations, and WELCOME.

    Second, I've done the Club Mom. Something to think about...it only takes a few extra words to go from the "tip" level to the info level, which gives many more points. Seriously, I submitted what I thought was a tip as the longer version, and as long as it has more than so many words, it's the next level. Go for more points!

    Third...about your question on coupons trains:

    Savings advice has four threads with information on coupons trains:


    If you are interested, then send me a private message (PM) and I'll help you get started.

  2. wooleyduck Says:

    Oooh, thanks so much! I may indeed pm you. And thanks for the advice on Club Mom, I wasn't sure if what I wrote would qualify for the info level just by making it a bit longer. I've never really done much through them besides joining, I usually just stick with MyPoints.

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