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money in, money out

May 14th, 2006 at 08:15 pm

I made $15.68 on the sale of the Marine bear. That's after Paypal's fees, after the tax deductible MissionFish Red Cross donation, and after all the Ebay fees I currently owe. So, $15.68 towards the $20 challenge. I'm still hoping the doll will sell. I have a watcher for it so my fingers are crossed.

I spent money I hadn't intended to today but I finally found matching saucers for my thrift shop dinner plates and they were on sale for 25% off. I love the pattern and they're very well made dishes. I looked for the matching bowls but they didn't have any.
There are technically more than I'll need but I paid less for 11 saucers than I would just for the shipping on a single bowl of the same kind from Ebay. I'm really happy to have found them as they seem to be difficult to replace. I'm thinking I'll try selling the extras.

I joined two new survey sites. Hopefully, I'll qualify for more surveys with them than I have been with others. For a while I was making decent money with surveys but it's been a long time.
I also went ahead and requested a check from Inbox Dollars. I decided the gold membership wasn't worth it.

Flash was kind enough to provide me with a link about coupon trains so I'm off to learn more about that.

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