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MyPoints and eBay

May 22nd, 2006 at 08:05 pm

Today I requested a $10 Shell gas card from MyPoints. It should be here in a few weeks. I also sent in my rebate stuff for the Insider's Club. I'm hoping it's not too late, otherwise I'll be beating myself up about it for a while.

I mailed off the second ebay item today and the money came into my account from Paypal. I made $11.55 on it after Paypal fees and shipping. I'll figure the money from both items soon and add up my $20 challenge total.

I found several new cash programs online today and last night. I'll post more about them when I've had a bit more experience with them.

2 Responses to “MyPoints and eBay”

  1. ray Says:

    hi do you ever get the 10 points credit for each of the coupons redeemed from coupons.com thru mypoints i cant find where they are creditied to me anywhere and i have used quite a few in the last 6 months

  2. ray Says:

    email me about earning 1/2 price purina cat food

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